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5 tips for moving to a new house

Posted by Michael on October 21, 2016
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Moving to a new house represents a major change and there are many things to keep track of before everything is in place. With some tips from and some good planning, you will receive a smoother output and occupancy.

1. Before you move out

Preparing the move, you can do well before the moving day. Should you have movers or rely on your friends to help? If you do everything yourself, you need to get moving boxes, packing materials and a rental car. If you hire movers, they tend to assist on everything you need.

2. Pack like a pro

It is easier said than done to pack properly and effectively. First things first, pack heavy items like books in the bottom and work your way up by lighter items towards the top. Secondly, use blankets to protect fragile items such as paintings. An important tip is to label all your moving boxes in order to make your unpacking process more enjoyable.

3. During the move

When the actual moving day arrives, make sure that the house you are moving into has functioning electricity and water. Also, during the process of moving, unload the boxes by matching the item inside to their assign places. For example, kitchen appliances would stacked in the kitchen, clothes boxes should be stored in the bedroom, and so on.

4. Pack your valuables yourself

Even though you have hired a mover to help, never reply on them to pack your valuables which include jewelry or your computers. You want to be extra careful and delicate! And most importantly, pack these items separately since you would most likely need to use these items first.

5. Bags and suitcases

Instead of wasting money on boxes and wasting more time getting rid of them, use all the bags and suitcases you can find and store your belongings in those. In this case, when you move into your new home, it would be much easier to find a place to store the suitcases instead of hundreds of cardboard boxes.

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