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6 Principles Of Buying Property

Posted by Charinya on June 21, 2019
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6 principles of buying property in Thailand

As a buyer as well, please carefully consider because of the fact of buying an empty house with a bedroom, bathroom, window, door, stairs, the wall, and ceiling. The sample house is just a media for sales to explain to customers of the project. So don’t expect that it will be the same because the original belongings that we already have are full of houses. After visiting the house selling project don’t be hesitate to ask the salesperson for all information.

1.House size

In addition to the brand of the house, which makes the price soaring and also the size of the land. The more the project is located in the prosperous, the higher the price due to the land price per square wah(1 square wa = 4 square meters) Therefore, when we are interested in buying a house, we should also know the size of the house. How much with a measure of “square wa (1 square wa = 4 square meters) “. The word “square meter” is the living area. Do not confuse it as a land area. The living area will be combined in both the upper and lower floors. The more numbers, the bigger your house is.

2.House plan

The house plan is needed for a decision, such as a width and depth of the house. A number of parking lots, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens as well as living space around the house. You should study and get detail. All of this can support you as to how many family members in the house and plan for each.

3.Materials and structure of the house

From the above mentioned, if we know the price of the plot of land that we buy, subtracting from the brand issues of the project location within the village. Most of the rest will be the house value. Consider that the materials and technology that the project put in for our house is worth. Nowadays it is seen as a ventilation system in the house some external heat protection systems, etc. Some house buyer looks for houses that use light-weight bricks, some brick, or a precast house.


For the facilities, you must check for safety first of life and property. That project you select that there should be a security guard, CCTV, access to the village with a key card system, etc. As for the swimming pool, playground, fitness room, if there are these facilities, it will be very good however it depends on your lifestyle.


Many people who are looking for a house, one of many places that are important in choosing a home are inevitable about the location. Because different people have different preferences and needs. Some people like to live in the city and some prefer to live outside the city, but what kind of location? That fits your lifestyle. such as house location with basic utilities, working life, travel, safety, environment, hospitals, and schools.


In addition to the house price that we knew. We should consider other expenses of transferring, common fees and expenses during the purchase of the house. The process of money loan. You should put a budget to fit in the future.



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