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Beautiful wall decor for your house in Thailand

Posted by Michael on July 17, 2017
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The essence of home in a four-walled house comes from you and what you make of those four walls. Royal Thai Art brings you home décor rich in tradition in the form of high quality luxury wall paintings to help you add that touch of charm to a loving home. Each beautiful painting is created by skilled Asian artists and craftsmen who work with immense passion to bring a piece of Thai heritage to your doorstep. Royal Thai Art makes a sincere effort at trying to revive not just Asian culture but also the art of home decoration by offering you a wide selection of wall paintings along various themes like Buddha, Bodhi Tree, Classic Elements, Koi Fish, Pla Samut and more. The paintings depict various themes on the broad spectrum of Asian Art – some reflecting the classic affluence of the Ayutthaya kingdom while others showcase the delicacy of Chinese elements. These magnificent works of art are also perfectly suitable for those who live authentically organic lives as they are made from natural materials. Along with its organic elements, the paintings are also ideal for homeowners looking to add a stroke of opulence to their homes since the art pieces are finished with 100% natural gold leaf.

Each piece in Royal Thai Art’s online gallery possesses a unique element. The Koi Fish Art Harmony for example is a vivid and colorful acrylic representation of the Asian traditional belief in goldfish. This striking hand-painted masterpiece depicts an important aspect of the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui where the goldfish symbolizes wealth, abundance and good fortune. When portrayed in a pair, the Koi goldfish stand for love, harmony and good companionship. Royal Thai Art makes it simple for homeowners to embrace such a stunning depiction of good omen by installing a hanger behind the painting so that it can adorn the walls at once. The Koi Fish Art Harmony for all its beauty is priced $302 and can be shipped worldwide without any damage during the shipping process.

For those looking to add a cultured ambience to their homes, the Famous Animal Painting Ancient Thai Supannahong provides a compelling dose of Thai heritage and history. This acrylic painting finished with pure gold leaf is a bold depiction of Supannahong (Golden Swan or Golden Phoenix) often seen on the principle vessels of Thailand’s Royal Barge Procession. Apart from clearly representing beauty and being of historical significance, this mystical creature is of religious substance as well. The creature is portrayed in royal events where it symbolizes the royal Kathin ceremony – a Buddhist robe offering festival. The artist has used a bold palette of high quality red and gold acrylic paint on premium quality canvas and it is priced at a new discounted amount of $212.

There are also artworks that appeal to homeowners with a more contemporary taste. The Lotus Contemporary Art Traditional Thai Painting is the perfect addition to a modern home. This acrylic painting comes as a set of 3 pieces and portrays the lotus flower. The lotus flower is very symbolic to many Asian religions and the artist has used a beautiful combination of purple acrylics and gold leaf on solid wood to highlight its importance in Asian culture. In Buddhism especially, the lotus flower stands for goodness, wisdom and enlightenment. This art piece masterfully balances modernity with tradition through its contemporary design and a symbolic cultural concept. The painting is one of many being offered on sale at a discounted price of $204.

There are also a number of abstract paintings in the Royal Thai Art gallery that represent Asian culture but with an understated charm. The Abstract Canvas Painting Universe in Golden Leaf is a masterpiece that can be decoded into its many traditional elements. The artist has used a gold, silver and orange palette to depict the Thai number one in the center of the painting. The number symbolizes the Universe with the Earth, sky and oceans in Thai culture. The painting also depicts the three precious elements of gold, silver and copper which are referred to as Sam Kasat or Three Kings in Thai culture. The traditional Thai belief is that the creation of Sam Kasat creates a sacred power just like the Three Great Kings who are derived straight from the Gods and are worshipped with devotion by the people. In addition to this, the artist has brilliantly represented a garland of leaves from the Bodhi tree which holds much religious significance in Buddhism. The garland stands for health, longevity and peacefulness just as one would derive from the shade of the Bodhi tree under a hot summer sun.  The use of metallic acrylics along with a generous finishing of pure gold leaves allows the painting to add a sense of luxury and sumptuousness to every home. This lavish art work is priced between $272 to $332.

An essential part of home décor is giving a space some character and life. The Art of Siam Thai Lovers painting does just that by injecting a sense of passion into any room. This folk art piece is painted in myriad acrylic colors on solid wood and shows two Thai lovers from ancient times in a passionate embrace. They stand under a Frangipani or Lilavadee (Thai) tree whose flowers symbolize intense love and an everlasting bond. This expression of love is beautifully captured in this acrylic piece and is priced at $227.

Royal Thai Art ensures free and fast shipping of its luxury wall paintings within Thailand and also delivers worldwide with a promise of safety. All paintings are made ready-to-hang with the installment of a hanger at the back and are packed in bubble wrap and a sturdy corrugated box before being shipped.

Shop now from Royal Thai Art’s online gallery and infuse your homes with elegance and culture!

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